May 26, 2017

Cash-N-Carry Program

You may drop off “Cash and Carry” rugs to our facility and save the handling fee. Our handling fee is based on the number and size of rugs we transport with a minimum of $50.00. However, all rugs MUST be carried in and out by the client as our administrative staff CAN NOT help you lift or carry them for you. You may also call ahead to arrange for our Cleaning Technicians to be available to help you lift or carry your items into our facility. After-hour and Saturday drop-off and pickup may also be arranged. Please call in advance to schedule.

All rugs on a “Will Call” or “Cash and Carry” basis must be picked up within 30 days.

ALL rugs left over 30 days will be charged $1.00 per day storage fee, per item and any discounts given at the time of the service will be lost.

Any rugs left over one year will be disposed of as the customer’s expense.

Bring Your Rugs to:

720 Fesslers Lane Nashville, TN